Traditional Chinese Massage with Liang Jun
Practicing at the Quarry Arts Building, 715 Hill Street, Madison, WI next to Whole Foods Market on University Avenue



IMPORTANT NOTICE:  On October 1, 2017, I retired from my massage practice.  Thanks so much to all my clients over the years for your patronage and friendship!  I don't have any current plans to restart my practice in the future but who knows?  Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy being home full time on our farm helping to develop our farm vacation business.


Hello and welcome to my website.  My name in Chinese is Liang Jun because we put the family name first.  So my first name is Jun which is pronounced "jween" more or less.  It's kind of hard for English-speaking people to say.

I grew up in western Sichuan province in China and learned much of what I know from my old world grandmother-healer.  You can read my full story on my About Liang Jun page.  I also trained at the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and now practice Traditional Chinese Massage here in beautiful Madison.  My practice is all about helping people get healthy and stay healthy by getting their qi (energy pathways) open and flowing.  I also teach Qi Gong which is a system of movements which acts as a kind of internal massage you can do for yourself.

I'm licensed as a massage therapist by the State of Wisconsin #10048-146, a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, and fully insured.  My NPI (National Provider Identifier) number is 1336501543 for medical insurance reimbursements.

I seem to have developed a clientele of mostly women - which is great! - but I provide massage to men and women of all ages.  I've had good success - often with just a few visits - helping people with various specific challenges: stiffness, headaches, sleep problems, etc.  My suggestion would be to give my massage a try to see if it helps.

My office is in the Quarry Arts Building, 715 Hill Street, next to Whole Foods Market on University Avenue.  I'm available for appointments Wednesday through Sunday.  Use the "Book Now" button on my Hours and Scheduling page or visit my MassageBook scheduling page to schedule an appointment online.  You can also call me at 608-632-0214 or email me at to request an appointment time or to ask questions. Check out my Yelp reviews with the button below.

Qi Gong training

Qi Gong is a venerable 8-movement exercise rediscovered in an ancient text found during a 1972 excavation in China.  These beautiful and simple flowing gestures (the "eight silken brocade") strengthen the immune system, build physical strength and improve one's sense of well-being.  You can easily learn all eight movements in my two hour class.  I've found it best to teach Qi Gong one on one rather than in a group.

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